Paco’s Legacy

Francisco Mercado Sanchez

Francisco Mercado Sanchez, aka “Paco”, was born in a small northern town in Mexico. As a young boy he developed a passion for cooking. He worked many years perfecting the taco for which he would one day become famous. When the war broke out, Paco joined the army. During a skirmish, he was shot in the leg and taken to the infirmary where he was visited by an angel. The ‘angel’ turned out to be a beautiful staff nurse, Cecelia Mendez, who also shared his love for cooking and would eventually become his wife.

Paco returned to the war, but this time as the cook. “Cece” (Cecelia) joined him, and together they created many tasty dishes that became well known. It was said that what made their food so good was the love that went into every recipe, and that their cooking raised morale, making the daily life of the soldiers more tolerable during the war.

Years later, Paco and Cece settled in what is now known as San Antonio, where he and Cece raised their family. In the year 1812, they opened their first restaurant right out of their home. The recipes were passed down from generation to generations, and can now be enjoyed right here in Austin, Texas!